Brixton Launch Feb 2014 (104)

Throughout August and September we’re inviting you to come and dine at The Clink Restaurant at HMP High Down in Surrey and for every six people dining as a group you will receive a prisoner poetry book worth £8.95.

Packed with seasonal dishes that are bursting with flavour and presented in a sophisticated way, the new à la carte menu offers a wide range of dishes that showcase the incredible skill of the prisoners training in the kitchen, with some of them having been in training for just a few weeks.

Everyone who dines at the restaurant helps to simulate a true-to-life working environment that is essential for the continued development of the prisoners in training both in the kitchen and front of house.

We rely on the support of a loyal following of customers who are keen to help change peoples’ lives for the better whilst enjoying lovingly produced food in a unique environment that is fully air conditioned and decorated to the same standard as a fine dining restaurant.

To enquire about booking a table at The Clink Restaurant please click here.