In 2012 Chris Moore, Chief Executive of The Clink Charity, visited Rio and The Clink joined Refettorio Gastromotiva, an initiative set up by chefs Massimo Bottura & David Hertz and journalist Ale Forbes, to contribute to fighting food waste, malnutrition and social exclusion. Refettorio – in latin Reficere – means recuperate and restore. At the Refettorio Gastromotiva recuperating food is just as important as promoting and restoring the dignity of people.

Chris has been visiting the Social Gastronomy Summit in Rio this past week; here’s his update on the project.

“The event I’ve been attending is the Social Gastronomy Summit in Rio. It is a group of 50 like-minded charities and organisations from 30 countries around world who are coming together to respect food and people.  The idea is that we become a global movement to highlight all the good things going on to reduce food waste, feed the needy and train people to cook. It’s 2 years since I was last here and last night we joined Refettorio Gastromotiva to feed over 100 homeless people in Rio. This happens every night, from Monday to Friday, using fresh ingredients from local suppliers who can’t sell it any more.

I’ve made sourdough bread with some of the students and we then visited a local rubbish tip and met some of the children living there in the new classroom which is just a 1-room brick building. They were clean & happy and we planted herbs with them to teach them about food. We then went for a tour of the tip and it was so sad. People are living in wooden huts or under plastic sheets with no electricity or water. There were vultures circling, pigs running around and the people were sorting and scavenging the rubbish in order to live. There are also small fires erupting (which sometimes burn down the shacks) where the methane was escaping.

It’s been an inspiring trip where we’ve used the time to discuss how to take our good work to the next level and become a global movement. Here are a few photos from my trip…”